Useful traps

Recently it is common to have a credit card.I think that it is bad that damage of more than 5 billion yen comes out in only three months at such time.Since Illegal use on the Internet is also increasing, I want to be careful....


scared of poison

A poison ant 'Wolf amari' of a specific alien species in Osaka was first confirmed in Osaka.This ant poison is accompanied by intense pain.I am concerned because it is confirmed in a near place.source:http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/13256419/...


Nostalgic game machine

Nintendo announced that will reprint nostalgic super family computer.I have only done a little but ... but I still get interested.I am looking forward to sale.source:http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/economy/20170627-OYT1T50091.html?from=ytop_main5...


The impact of global warming

Global warming is ongoing.Everest which is said to be the highest mountain range is also affected.Recently, there is a theory that the elevation of Everest is changing.To measure accurate height, it costs around 165 million yen in Japanese yen.Earth is constantly changing due to crustal deformation and global warming.I feel excited if I think that the world's best will change in the future.source...


Bullish posture

Legoland opened in Nagoya in April this year.Speaking of Lego, there are nobody I do not know so famous all over the world.Of course it is not amusing to arrange your shoulders with Disneyland ...The number of customers is decreasing due to bullish price setting and strict garden rules.Everyone knows Lego, but the point that Lefgoland's inhabitants do not know may be big as well.They took measures...


Beer or non alcoholic beer

Do you not drink non alcoholic beer at work time?I think that is good separately.I think that the idea for sake is getting solid.I think that the atmosphere is important, but I think it is also important to think about efficiency.souce:https://otekomachi.yomiuri.co.jp/news/20170623-OKT8T20018/?from=ytop_os1&seq=04...


What is digital revolution?

There are more SMEs than large companies in Japan.Because technology of small and medium enterprises is important.Recently, it is popular to operate small parts work on a machine.I think that it is best to depend on the power of the machine to maintain accuracy as well.SME want to leave that technology,but the current situation is that the number of working people is decreasing.Even there, you can...


Male brain,Female brain

Do you think that there is a difference in the human brain?According to this article, the styles seem to be different.While men think intuitively, women seem to think reasonably.Most men have doubts about the fact that there are many idle talks and long time of shopping,but it may be due to differences in the brain...By the way, I am not good at waiting, so I do not think both of them well XDDsouc...


A new attempt

It is said that the center exam will change dramatically in 2020.Not only academic ability but also thinking ability, judgment ability, expression power will be emphasized.It is from the current junior high school students who will take university entrance examinations with this system.I think that studying is unnecessary for me to go to society(Not because I'm not good at studying........maybe).I...


what is marriage in japan?

I think that marriage is what everyone wants to do.Well I do not think so XDDSo,Currently Japan thinks that there are many people marrying.I think that the economic aspect is big as a reason.This article also states that there are many people who are being forced as being more than happiness.Although I feel ashamed when I talk about this story,after all I think about marriage variously.Is it "nece...


What is smartphone for youngs

Recently most young people have smartphone.And use it almost somewhere every day.Compared to the past and now,youngs were interested in the media.I think that it is because there are many ways to get information such as SNS and news applications.In addition, I think that there is a point that it can be seen easily in the vacant time.I also collect information with applications,andI often listen to...


Human needs

IT technology has developed surprisingly in Japan in recent years.A restaurant order or a vending machine may be the best example.The menu table changes to terminal,PET bottles etc are also to be displayed on the liquid crystal.Artificial intelligence has also developed, and it is said that decades afterwards, the work done by humans will sharply decrease.Especially the introduction to the place w...


How to think about work

I often hear the word black company.A company that is forced to work illegally by a black company or does not pay overtime allowance.In recent years, the labor system of companies is often talked about.The importance of work-life balance is highlighted.Often it is an environment different from the time of company description.I think that what is important here is not saying that we want to take a ...


fight-or-flight response

Do you know "fight-or-flight response(=火事場の馬鹿力)"?The meaning of this word is when you fall into a crisis, it is to show your unimaginable action and physical strength.It seems that this has not been proved scientifically but the human body is only a thing that I do not know yet.I think there is a power that can not be proven in science.Because I also felt unintentionally fight-or-flight res...


That is "side job"

Recently I heard the word "side job(=副業)" in the lecture of the regional management department.A side job is generally refers to a job to earn income other than primary business.The reason why side jobs are prevalent is that you can do your own work at your own pace and you can try your talent.I think that because I have different environments, work and methods of doing business in a side job, n...


Maybe japanese habits...

I ofthen lose something.For example, house key,wallet,smrtphone...etcTHey are said to become uneasy because they repeat confirmation.Human beings will get a feeling of security by confirming, truly confirmed when they leave the place, they will become uneasy, this will be repeated...repeated...repeated...Actually, it seems to be an act to get a sense of security.So I am always going to be late for...